Monday, September 04, 2006

Monday musings....

Well Here is my latest finish! It's Bent Creek's Pumpkin Harvest. I didn't use their color scheme - rather made up my own. I used DMC new color variations, plain 'ol DMC and then the light green and dark green is Danish Flower Thread that my friend Harmien sent to me. I think it turned out pretty! Tomorrow (if I'm lucky) I'm going to sew up my completed projects using some sort of "finishing" technique yet to be decided. I want to finish this one particuarly as I'm going to "decorate" my house for fall. So this would be one that I need to have completed.

We'll see how it goes. Today my husband and I worked on creating my "craft" far so good. . . still a few "tweaks" I need to do before it's done...I'll share pictures later once it is complete. Today being the holiday in the US my husband was home and the kids were off school. So it was a lazy day. The cooler weather made me start thinking about rotating the summer and fall clothes.....I don't like doing this at all, but it needs to be done to see if we still fit in the clothes we had last fall/winter/early spring. With 4 kids, I'm thinking that there will be some shopping having to take place...but you never know. Ellie got a whole new wardrobe today from Gymboree! They were having a sale and she didn't have any hand - me - downs from her sister that fit her so....she got brand spanking new! Hooray for Ellie....and such cute clothes too...I LOVE Gymboree clothes...a little pricey but well worth it in the way they hold up.

Well, I guess that sums up my life for the past three or four days....I had to work all weekend, so there's not much to say there....except well...whatever... tomorrow the kids are back to school and we'll all be back on schedule! Yippee!
Until next time.....


  1. Your BC project looks wonderful, Vonna! I luuuuurve Bent Creek. I hope you will find time to stitch some more once the kiddies are back at school.

  2. Another cheer here for Gymboree clothes - off the clearance rack that is, lol! The only person I've bought for (at Gymboree) and paid full price is my first grandson. :D Grammas have to splurge a little!

  3. You sure know how to stitch. I hope you will get back to your normal schedule without any extra troubles.


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