Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday Mania....

Here is my progress to date on Village of Hawk Run Hollow. What did I finish from last week, you ask???...well NOT MUCH! I finished the last three boxes on the bottom...Hurray - that took 2 skeins (almost) of floss to get those done!

You can see to the right besides getting done the outlines I also finished the St. Peter's Church wording and filled in the grass around the fence. That's it! I've not had much time of late to stitch. Between working the past 3 weekends straight (I am supposed to work every other weekend), school homework (yikes! I should just homeschool, because I'm basically doing that anyway), Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, School PTO - I just don't have any time left to do ~ you know basic day to day life stuff like sleep and bathe! LOL! The most stitching I do is probably like 1/2 hr. per day...That sickens me....

But on the bright side, I'm seeing more progress with this project especially since the outlines are done. Next will be the graveyard since I'm feeling spooky.

Another thing to celebrate is that my last baby is sad is that to think that I'll never see another little face concentrating so hard to make it to me as they take those first unsteady steps. The joy that comes across their face as they made it without falling. Yep, that's pretty sad. But on the bright side, she's healthy and happy and able to take those first steps which will lead to a whole lifetime of first steps into various parts of her life.

Ok, that's enough philosophical talk for me today on a "Manic Monday"! Remember that fantastic song which was sung by the Bangles in the 80's ~ when I was young, naive and didn't have a care in the world! Ahhh.....those were the good 'ol days! :D


  1. Great progress. It's really nice to have the outlines done, now you can skip around and stitch whatever strikes your fancy.

  2. Isn't it wonderful that little Ellie is walking? I suppose it is a bit sad... Pelle never took any tentative steps. He waited until he was absolutely sure he wouldn't keel over, so he only started walking last June!
    You actually managed to get all the squares on the Village done! Now to me, that is amazing progress :o)

  3. Oh how sweet your baby is walking now. Good progress on your sampler

  4. VoHRH looks great, Vonna. Congratulations on getting all the blocks outlined, I'm sure you will be glad of having done all that work ahead of time. Hmm, I should give some thought to doing that myself with HoHRH.

    How sweet your little one has learned to walk! Any pictures?

  5. OH, NO...Now I'm singing that Just Another Manic Monday Song! Ouch! I've been enjoying your progress on VOHRH--a huge project that I haven't taken on, since I'm so bogged down in HOHRH.

  6. Congrats - I think you are making great progress on VoHRH. I'm going to pick up my ornament issue at my LNS tomorrow. Yippee!!

  7. It's looking wonderful! Keep up the good work! I was exhausted just reading all the things you have to do... :D

  8. How sweet to hear that your baby is walking! My little 1yo grandson is a new walker and I'm still thrilled whenever I see him walk across the room and marvel at how quickly he became proficient!

    You've made great progress on VOHRH! Keep stitching your half hour a day and it'll get done - and surely you'll get a weekend off soon!

  9. I am happy for your daughter. She can walk! That's great thing. Don't stress about stitching. Even half an hour is better than no stitching at all.


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