Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hit a Wall...

Well Folks, I've hit a wall....I've not crossed one single X in anything for over the past 2 weeks....
I've just too much on my plate right now...but I'm not going to sit around crying into my soda about it....I just need to learn the word - "No"....

You know how you see signs on churches that every now and then have some great, witty, one-liners that make you stop and think.....well I ran across one of those last week. It said,"We're too blessed to be depressed." How poingnant is that? It makes me stop and think how true that is. I'm running around trying to be all things for all people and then I get down and I'm lucky that I can run around, I'm lucky to have all the blessings I have in my life - my kids, my husband, my home, good friends, talent, etc. etc.

Had a lovely surprise in my mailbox yesterday...the much anticipated Lavender Wings Witch had arrived and was waiting for me! She's a beauty! Rather larger project than what I had first anticipated. But a beauty no less!

We've had good news with the kids at school. My little studious daughter got her mid-term grades for third grade. She had all A's and one A+ (100%). GREAT! The twins are making strides in their reading and settling in nicely at school, learning the ropes as 1st graders. Both Ian and Jacob have gotten all their spelling words correct each week!! I know that doesn't sound like a big deal, but believe me for two little boys - that is a HUGE deal!!! :o)

Well until next time, keep your fingers crossed that I pull out of this stitching flunk...


  1. Vonna, that's great news about your kids' school efforts! Wish my twins were as good with their spelling as yours, lol!

  2. Anonymous5:00 PM

    Vonna, sometimes stitching has to be put on hold. it happens! The twins sound so precious.

  3. Congrats to the kids--they sound great! Sometimes it's good to take a stitching break anyway I think--you appreciate it even more when you get back into it.

  4. Anonymous3:09 PM


    I can certainly understand your not picking up a needle. You are one busy lady! Congratulations to all of you on the children's progress in school.

  5. Congrats on all the good grades! :D

    I wouldn't worry about the stitching blues, they come and go. Especialy when you are overly busy (or bored, like me). :)

    I actually don't know how you do it with the kids and everything. I just have to look after me and I don't do that great a job. ;)

    Just take a break when you can and stitch a few stitches. :)

    Are you going to work on the witch? I am dying to see more of that pattern. I showed it to my mom and she went nuts for it. Thanks for sharing such a great find. :D

  6. Vonna, mark my words: in a couple of weeks' time you'll be stitching till your fingers burn. That's what happens to all of us.
    Your kids sound very clever, but you must enjoy having Ellie still at home :o)

  7. How wonderful that your children are doing so well at school!

    Don't worry about your stitching funk, when the mood strikes, you'll be back at it. And its not like stitching goes bad or there is a 'best before' date to worry about. That's the great thing about this wonderful pasttime, you pick it up when you feel the need and work away at your own pace.

  8. I'm glad for your kids' success in school! It's great to celebrate all the big and small accomplishments.

    And listen, 2 weeks is not a stitching slump - When I was in grad school and working full time, I could stitch only rarely ... I started a purple fairy for my niece when she was born and didn't give it to her till she was 3!

  9. I sure hope your kids will keep up their good progress.


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