Monday, August 14, 2006

The Twisted Stitcher?!

Yep, that's me, a twisted stitcher....really I'm not, I just thought it was a cute name! Remember Twisted Sister - the rock band from the early 80's - What was that guys name....he had a reality show not too long ago...but I can't remember his name....

Oh, well...on to stitching. I love to cross stitch. I am currently in a SAL with my on-line friend Harmien and Annemarie. We are trying to tackle the Village of Hawks Run Hollow. Here's my first block finished:

I think it turned out very nice! I didn't even know about Carriage House Samplings until Harmien introduced them to me....and here I thought I was an accomplished stitcher....yeah right. Well time is short and my stitching is long, so sadly I must go....Until next time!


  1. That is a cute name! Dee Snider was the lead singer for Twisted Sister. I actually saw them back in the 80's...oh my!!

    Looks like you are making great progress on your VoHRH!

  2. Nice stitching you have there.


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