Thursday, August 31, 2006

This Thursday.....

Here's a Fall Themed hanging pillow I made about month ago. The design is from Sandi Gore Evans and is one of four seasonal patterns that were in the magazine For the Love of Cross Stitch. This pattern spoke to me for some reason and is my favorite of the four. Warm rust browns and oranges...I don't know make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. LOL!

Here's a picture of the pillow hanging from my dining room chair........
I bought some rusty star hangers and am going to make a display on my entry wall, so that I can hang my little seasonal stitchings and change them out from season to season. This way I won't have to punch holes in the wall with nails every season and my husband will be happy and I will be happy to be able to display my stitching in a cute and dramatic way. :o)

Well today is Thursday and I've slated that my garage will be cleaned and organized. Wish me luck! Until next time............


  1. I love, love, love that project! And what a great pillow it made! The fabric you picked is perfect. :D And I LOVE the idea of using a rusty star hanger to show off seasonal projects! I have a few things that I like to put out but have just put push pins up for them (small holes). Your idea is MUCH better.

    Good luch with that garage!

  2. That's a great fall project, Vonna!

    Hope you get your garage all straightened and cleaned. Mine would scare you to death! I'm hoping it looks better before it gets too cold to work out there. :D

  3. Your little pillow is so pretty!!

  4. Garage cleaning, now there's a good idea... If I try really hard, I can still get my bike in there, but that's it! I love this fall project, Vonna. How's the Village coming along?

  5. Hi Vonna! Thanks for stopping by my blog - I love yours! This is a really cute project. Don't you just love autumn? :)

  6. Nice pillow! I hope you get the garage cleared up.


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