Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday Again....

Well, it's Monday again....and 11:30 a.m. Where does the time go? Here's a picture of my Village of Hawk Run Hollow. Looking good! This is Block #2, after this one is done, which *may* be done by the end of the week....I'll have 2 down and 10 to go. I've been stitching my little fingers to the bone trying to get this block going again. Whew!

Going to have to take a break from it though and stitch some Snowmen for my stepmother. She's asked me to stitch some for her tree - they are cute and quick stitches, so I'm going to stitch up a bunch for her. I'll post them when I get them done.

Well my baby's asleep and I've got some stitching to get done, so I'm going to cut this short! One good thing that my hubby and I did this weekend was to "create" my stitching corner in the living room. He "rigged" up a great thing for my OTT lite.....I had purchased a "cheaper" version of the OTT light hoping that I could get around spending a small fortune on one of the floor lamp models. This model is a "clip-on" or it also can be a table top light as well. Unfortunately I bought it on line and thought that the table top version would be the version for me....however after getting it in the mail, it was a little flimsy. Plus my baby who cruises around and gets her fingers in everything.....kept on knocking it over so it quickly came to pass that I needed it to clip on somehting. Sooooo I clipped it on the back of one of my dining room chairs and put it behind the chair that I was stitching in....unfortunately that doesn't work well on the "eyes" for my decorating.....Sooooo my dear hubby took a wooden rod and clipped the light to it and shoved it down in a new comfy (but old) chair. We moved out the chair that wasn't as comfy and brought in "BIG BROWN"...that's what we call this chair. Not pretty on the eyes, but comfortable to sit in and stitch! So now I've got it all...1.) Comfy Chair 2.) OTT lite 3.) table to put my chart holder and cold drink right at my finger tips 4.) Nice window to look out at the changing scenery and seasons 5.) great view of the T.V. 6.) My grandfathers sewing cabinet complete with belt strap to keep little fingers out of my "stash".....all I need now is a footstool and life would be *perfect* don't have a footstool, so I'm out of luck for now....BUT never know one may be in my future! 6 out of 7 perfect things isn't bad, heck doesn't take much to make a girl happy, especially if you are me!

Well it's Monday and I had big plans for my stitching future...tried to talk Harmien into starting up Houses of Hawk Run Hollow....but she quickly got me back on the straight and narrow....what was I thinking starting TWO HUGE projects....probably won't get VoHRH done, let alone starting HoHRH too? She's right....I need help....and she's just the intervention I need! Heck...I've got Christmas ornaments (besides the snowmen) to finish and start....What was I thinking? It all comes down to the Monday deal, fresh start, new week, great outlook....Harmien's right tomorrow it will be Tuesday and the urge will lessen! Well until next time....


  1. Harmien2:57 PM

    OF COURSE we will finish VoHRH!!! I'm loving it and I don't plan on stuffing it in a drawer any time soon!!!
    Yours is looking GREAT!! Still having fun, right?!!
    And if you really really want to, we can start HoHRH too. Heck, like I said, I do have the fabric at the ready... I still think you're nuts, though... :o) Just let me know if Tuesday changes your mind...

    O... and thanks for allowing us silly non-bloggers to post a comment too... heehee.

  2. That block looks so great! I love the stain glass windows and the willow trees! Great job!

    I'm stitching Houses of Hawks Run Hollow and am on block 7 but it's taken what seems like forever to get there. Sure a lot of fun though...when I'm not frustrated. ;)

  3. You sure know how to stitch. In my world stitching = needlepoint. I haven't touched my canvases for weeks, if not months. I've had a long stitching break and knitting fever period in my life. Maybe some day the desire to stitch will come back.


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