Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The inner workings of my mind....

Well today is Tuesday, gone not is my desire to start a new cross stitch project such as HoHRH. I've seen a beautiful redition in another blogspot where a fellow blogger is stitching HoHRH.....and her husband is stitching that Mary Engelbright witch in the Cross Stitcher (?) the new magazine from Better Homes and Gardens - anyway... the little witch is delightful and I'm getting this twitch to stitch her too! See if I would just keep my yap shut and sit my hiney in my new stitching corner and LEAVE THIS COMPUTER OFF!!!!....my mind wouldn't get delusional. I would just go along living life ignorant to what's really "out there" in cyberspace. But what do I do? As soon as I get up in the morning I think....ok, fix the kids breakfast, fix and pack the kids lunches, start to clean up the breakfast dishes and then I *might* have 15 minutes to turn on the computer and look through the blogs....maybe someone has left me a comment (!), maybe Harmien has sent me a pattern (that I won't be able to stitch), maybe, maybe, maybe....if I hurry I can get more than 10-15 minutes....on and on in my mind, round and round it goes...it's the first thing I think of in the morning and one of the last things I turn off in the evening. See...this are the inner workings of my mind...do you wish you didn't know this?!

Well I talked my dear husband into buying me some shelving for my "craft" space in our basement! Can't wait to dig through all my "stuff" and organize it into my own personal interpretation of Martha Stewart's everyday living....I've always wanted my own crafting space.... Wha,haa,haa,haa.....!!!! I feel like the creator of Frankenstine....it's going to be a freakishly good time setting it all up... Can't wait! But must until dear hubby brings home the goods to make the shelves. Then I can get it all set up.

Well Baby is asleep, I can eek out a few minutes of stitching on my snowmen...
Here is a picture of what greets me every morning as I prepare breakfast - what a motley crew!


  1. Hi Vonna,
    Great to see the kids that keep you going. :D So glad that your dh is setting up a crafting area in your basement! Be sure to post pics!

  2. Your youngest is a little princess! And I thought your youngest being a little prince! Awww! But she'll grow before you know it. I sure hope you will have your crafting area.


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